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At Alliance Christian School District, we believe that now, more than ever, children need the benefit of a Christian Education. They need to be able to learn and grow in an environment that is designed for them to grow in their education, their walk with God, and their commitment to their community.


We also know that the single, largest barrier to families is the cost. In fact, for many families, tuition prevents their children from benefiting from a Christian Education. At Alliance Christian School District, we believe that cost should not be a barrier to accessing Christian Education. Rather, we believe that each family's tuition rate should be tailored to their specific financial situation.


Through our Variable Tuition model, families pay between 50% and 100% of the published per student tuition cost. ACSD uses a secure third party provider, FACTS, to assess each families ability to pay for educational expenses and determine a tuition rate that will work for their unique financial situation.




The Admissions Department can provide details related to the tuition assistance application process; please call us today to discuss your questions, and to schedule your free tour at
610-582-1000, or email


  • What is variable tuition?
    Variable tuition is the method ACSD uses to make a quality Christian Education accessible to as many families as possible.
  • Why does ACSD use variable tuition rather than just a published tuition rate?
    A variable tuition takes into account each families unique ability to pay for educational expenses, which allows Christian Education to be accessible to more families.
  • How does Variable Tuition work?
    Each family applies for Variable Tuition through a FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment, which is available on the FACTS website. Your assessment will determine the tuition rate for your family.
  • What grade levels are eligible for Variable Tuition?
    All students in the K-12 grade levels are eligible for Variable Tuition.
  • What factors are considered when determining my Variable Tuition?
    FACTS uses many factors, including income, assets, unusual expenses, the size of your family, the number of children attending, and unique circumstances.
  • When can my family apply for Variable Tuition?
    New families may apply for Variable Tuition when they apply for admissions. Tuition rate notifications will not be sent unless a new family has completed the application for admissions. Existing families can begin their application for Variable Tuition at their campus Family Connect Night.
  • Will my Variable Tuition Rate affect my application for admissions?
    No. Applications for admissions and applications for Variable Tuition are evaluated separately. Families will never be denied admissions based on their Variable Tuition Rate.
  • Am I required to do Variable Tuition?
    No. Families do not need to go through the Variable Tuition process. They can choose to pay the full tuition rate.
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